About Me

I am a photographer, who believes in photography being a way to express oneself, in my case it is a window to my inside world – my thoughts, emotions, desires and imagination. I have experimented in various fields of photography and have, developed a style that is unique to me, be it Advertising, Fashion, Glamour, Portraiture, Product, Food, Nature, Interiors and Weddings. Even though photography has been my profession for a quite long time, I am proud of the fact that till date it remains my passion too.

Taking pictures, creating beautiful images and weaving stories out of them is something I had done for years. I feel my background in fashion helps me create angles and assess the best frames for my clients, lending my images an editorial touch. I still prefer to approach photography with the curiosity of a student, because we cease to grow when we cease to learn. And an artist can’t afford to do that!

"Our name says it all. We want to make your memories last forever." Not a single detail is missed as it is the small things that makes wedding special and worthy of called a memory.